Donny brought up Zach and says he was tickled to death last night and at peace with leaving.


Frankie agrees and says he knows for a fact that he didn’t really want to come back, but he did play the challenge to his best ability anyway.

He says that Zach’s exit was epic and he’ll have to shoot glitter out of his ass to top it!

Frankie said that Zach would make things so much more lively…

D’awwwww Frankie. I just want to give him a hug. I mean I still want to give zach like the world’s biggest hug but Frankie deserves one now too. Ugh. I just love them both so much.

Fans wondered if this move meant it was the end of Zankie, one of the most entertaining showmances in the show’s history. It seems that relationship will be left inside the Big Brother house. “He is a great person but he is a lot to handle inside the house,” I cant even imagine what he’s like…


It’s week 9 and Derrick has still never been nominated


And his puppy is hoh so it isn’t happening this week either. This is so dumb. Ugh. I need donny or Nicole to win hoh and nominate both of them. Ugh.

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We all thought the same thing



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When your mom brings chicken nuggets


When she forgets the ranch


When you get to sleep in late


Then you miss youtube announcements while asleep


When you finally get on tumblr after a long day


And then you see drama


When Troye SIvan


When Tyler Oakley 


Troye Sivan


Tyler Oakley




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just because you like Frankie doesn’t mean you are ok with every little thing he has said.

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If you send me anon hate about my love for certain individuals, please know that you’re not changing my mind. If anything you’re just making me love them more and feel bad that people hate them. Needless to say your message will simply be deleted as responding to such messages is not worth my time.

Unavoidable Heartache


This will be my final word on what happened between Zankie and the implosion of their “game relationship”, I truly believe their real life friendship is unbreakable though. The fact that they’re still solid after all they’ve been through game wise is a testament to how strong their friendship…



11:35 p.m.

Frankie tells Zach they can do a Topless Tuesday video on YouTube together where Frankie feeds Zach Froot Loops.


Please let this happen. I need this in my life.


I shit you not Tyler has mentioned Troye in literally all of the Auguest videos

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yeah, gameplay, sure.

Zach deserves a fucking Oscar if that was game play. I don’t even think it’s possible to fake heart eyes to that degree.

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……….really glad I’m not watching the feeds right now

Sorry for the people who had to see that…

That’s disturbing. Why would you do that Frankie. Just no.




……….really glad I’m not watching the feeds right now


Sorry for the people who had to see that…

That’s disturbing. Why would you do that Frankie. Just no.


also lol i just remembered

didn’t zach pretty much give up on caring about the 500k on week TWO?????? literally all he cared about was frankie winning the 500k and was constantly saying how he wasn’t even in it for the money anymore and how frankie deserved to win it more than anything

but ok w/e he was playing frankie for the 500k he wasn’t even that invested in

I’m honestly laugh at all of you who thinks Frankie was the one that came on strong…Are we forgetting that Zach was the one who went up to Frankie and tapped his ass? Or are we choosing to forget? Are we forgetting that Zach told Fankie “You’re hot in the morning, you tan sexy beast” or are we just trying to forget? Are we forgetting that Zach first told Frankie he loved him or? Are we forgetting that Zach told Frankie he was 37 % Gay….




He said 39 at first then changed to 37. Idek. And when he reaches 51 he’s officially bi. Or that’s what he said anyway. Ugh. I miss his stupid face.

Anonymous Asked:
Just saw this on Joker's BB updates: Cal says to Frnk, "I wanna watch you cook in a camouflage apron naked." What?? Whoever said that Caleb has jumped on Frankie's dick since his reveal about Ariana is spot on. Although earlier or maybe last night, Frankie said he was growing more attracted to Caleb too, so I don't know... pale imitation of zankie and I question it's genuineness


I wouldn’t be surprised if Caleb’s recent “receptiveness” is because Frankie is Ariana Grande’s brother.

 He’s already stated on numerous occasions that he wants to break into the music business, and now that he has a legitimate connection that could aid his efforts he’ll do anything to make sure it sticks.  

I wouldn’t trust it if I were Frankie. And even if Frankie did buy into it, I think he knows that Caleb is completely heterosexual. He may flirt with him (predominately because Frankie flirts with everyone, even the women of the house) but I don’t think he would ever develop genuine feelings for him. I’ve watched them interact and I don’t feel even the slightest hint of romantic subtext between them. And I’m perceptive as hell.

That being said, I’m certain he does find Caleb attractive just as he’s said he finds Cody attractive. But there’s a huuuuge difference between being physically attracted to someone and emotionally attracted.  So I’m not worried about it, even though it occasionally makes me a tad jealous on Zach’s behalf.

It’s just as you said; a pale imitation of zankie. Caleb’s sincerity is questionable but Zach’s never was. He thought the world of Frankie within the first few days of meeting him and long before he found out who Frankie really was. I think it’s the sweetest thing, really. The way he would praise Frankie nonstop, saying he would be famous after the show, that he was funnier than professional comedians, that he was the funniest, smartest, most amazing person he’s ever met.

Frankie must sometimes feel burdened living in his sister’s shadow, but then Zach came along and saw Frankie as the world sees Ariana, can you imagine how amazing that would feel? I hope Frankie sees and values that, because it’s a rare gift to be given someone who looks at you like you put the stars in the sky; who legitimately sees you as the single most amazing person in the world. One should be so lucky.